19” Ventilated Blanking Panels

Canovate 19” Ventilated Blanking Panels can be mounted on 19” mounting rails inside the rack cabinet. They provide a regular and smooth appearance by closing the empty U dimensions since no device is installed in the rack cabinet. It is suitable for use in systems that require air circulation. It has a design that provides easy installation.


Product Codes:

*  CCA-X-4005

*  CCA-X-4006

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

Technical Details

Material 1,2 mm Steel
Packaging One piece in a box
Finish Electrostatic Powder Paint


H (mm) D (mm) W (mm) Weight kg Part No
1U 9 483 0,24 CCA-X-4005
2U 9 483 0,42 CCA-X-4006

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