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Wall Mount Cabinets

Canovate Eko Serisi Dışarıdan Açılabilir Yan Panelli Tek Gövdeli Duvar Tipi Kabinet-2
Single Wall Mount Cabinets
Canovate Double Section Wallmount Cabinet-4
Double Section Wall Mount Cabinets
Canovate Soho Cabinet
Soho Cabinets
Canovate Slim Line Wallmount Cabinet-2
Slim Line Wall Mount Cabinet

Wall-Mount Cabinets: Protecting and Organizing Communication Infrastructure


1. Double-Body Wall-Mount Cabinets:

Definition: Double-body wall-mount cabinets are robust cabinets used for organizing large-scale networks and communication equipment.

Features: These cabinets have two separate bodies, allowing for more effective energy distribution, cable management, and equipment organization. The compartments provided by the double-body structure make cable organization easier.

Use Cases: Data centers, telecommunications companies, and large enterprises prefer double-body cabinets due to their intense communication traffic and the need for high-capacity equipment.

2. SOHO Cabinets (Small Office/Home Office):

Definition: SOHO cabinets are wall-mount cabinets designed with a compact structure for small offices and home offices.

Features: These cabinets are typically used to house essential communication equipment such as routers, switches, and telephone systems. They are designed for ease of installation and management.

Use Cases: Small businesses and home offices prefer SOHO cabinets because of their limited space. The straightforward setup and management features make these cabinets user-friendly.

3. Slim Line Wall-Mount Cabinets:

Definition: Slim line wall-mount cabinets are slim and stylish cabinets designed for use in areas where aesthetics are essential, such as tight spaces.

Features: Their slim design allows them to protect communication equipment without disrupting the visual harmony of the space. Lightweight communication devices or distribution panels can be accommodated in these cabinets.

Use Cases: Offices, hotels, stores, and other public spaces choose slim line cabinets to provide both functionality and aesthetics.

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