Seismic ST Rack Cabinet (CSB)

Canovate’s seismic rack cabinets are designed and manufactured according to structural performance criteria set by Bell Core NEBS for installation in Earthquake Risk Zone 4 areas. Most of the accessories can be mounted within the seismic rack cabinets. Use of a floor anchor kit with the seismic cabinet is highly recommended. This cabinet provides easy access to equipment via a removable roof, sides and front/rear doors.



–  The seismic rack cabinet has aluminum Frame Structure with 2000kg carrying capacity

–  Steel reinforced cross-bars in each side of the cabinet including top and bottom

–  The Chassis of the seismic rack is designed to bolt direct into floor with seismic rated fasteners

–  Perforated front and rear doors

–  Solid Side Panels

–  Internal top sheet

–  2 Pairs of depth adjustable 19” Mounting Rails

–  2 Pairs of Adjustable Feet are provided as the standart of the seismic rack

–  Front Door with Swinghandle Multi point-Espagnolette

–  Zone 4, UL Certificated, RoHS and TS EN 61587-1 compliant




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