Seismic-AL Rack Cabinet (CPB)

Canovate’s seismic rack cabinets with double perforated doors are designed and manufactured according to structural performance criteria set by Bell Core NEBS for installation in Earthquake Risk Zone 4 areas. Most of the accessories can be mounted within the seismic rack cabinets. Use of a floor anchor kit with the seismic cabinet is highly recommended. This cabinet provides easy access to equipment via a removable roof, sides and front/rear doors.



–  Seismic rack cabinet has aluminum frame structure with 2000kg carrying capacity

–  Steel reinforced cross-bars in each side of the cabinet including top and bottom

–  The Chassis of the seismic rack is designed to bolt direct into floor with seismic rated fasteners

–  Double perforated front and double perforated rear doors for 42U  800×800 and 42U 800×1200 cabinets

–  Solid Side Panels

–  Internal top sheet

–  2 Pairs of depth adjustable 19” Mounting Rails

–  2 Pairs of Adjustable Feet are provided as the standart of the seismic rack cabinet

–  Front Door with Swinghandle Multi point-Espagnolette

–  Zone 4, UL Certificated, RoHS and TS EN 61587-1 compliant



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