Open Frame Patch Rack (CSP)

Managing data cabling – particularly cable performance has become critical today, as demand for bandwidth keeps escalating. With the introduction of CAT 5 cabling, the best practice is to maintain the optimal bend radius and limit physical impact on the cable, preventing stretching, twisting and snagging.

Any cable deformation will have severe effects on the network performance. Canovate® ’s Patch Rack solves these issues by forming the fundamental frame for managing and distribution of the data cabling within a Data Center. Patch Rack is a modular open frame that provides outstanding accessibility, mounting for 19-inch patch panels and dedicated cable channels at the front and rear on each side of the frame.


Standard Configuration

–  42U and 45U height, with 19” mounting rails

–  Optimized for Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 7, 10Gb

–  Robust framework rated at 500 kg

–  Vertical cable channels fitted to both sides of the Patch Rack

–  Set of front-mounting cable across the front face of the enclosure

–  All standard president cable accessories fit the Patch Rack

–  Front covers on either side hinge both ways, or can be removed



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