Modular UPS

Canovate’s modular, online double conversion UPS has been engineered for sensitive electronic devices and designed for data centers, computer systems and critical equipment. With hot-swappable power modules, ratings range from 20kVA to 200kVA, or from 30kVA to 300kVA, delivering the ultimate in flexibility, reliability, and functionality, at an affordable price.

We combine state of the art IGBT three-level technology together with DSP control arithmetic. Coupled with high input power factors, low THD, and high system efficiency, we achieve very high load adaptability for all kinds of loads. Our modular design ensures reliable and trouble-free operation. Power expansion through additional power modules yields 200kVA or 300kVA power in single frame. Possibility to connect three frames in parallel to reach maximum 600kVA or 900kVA power in a single UPS System.


Modular Design

Hot-swappable power modules enable power expansions and easy system maintenance. Independent controlled modules help avoid single point failure risk. If any module fails or disconnects, the system keeps running and keeps supplying power without any interruptions, providing a high level of reliability and protection.

Easy Operation and Installation
Our designs offer flexible installation for reduced start-up time, improved reliability, and easier maintenance and control, to supply the best protection possible for supplying power. With the large touch screen LCD panel, users can easily access information of the power module and system.

Intelligent Battery Management
Each UPS module has a built-in super charger, and the power reaches 3200W. With 10 installed UPS modules, the total charging power rating is up to 32kW. The charger is controlled by DSPs with intelligent digital arithmetic to prolong the life time of the battery.

Intelligent Protection System
All the power modules, as well as the system, are protected simultaneously by the hardware and software. All industry-standard protective functions are included, such as abnormal current and voltage, temperature, short circuit, and more. The combination of these technologies allows the system to achieve and incredibly high level of reliability.

High Power Density in Our Modular UPS
With a single cabinet reaching 300kVA, a single system reaching 600kVA, and parallel systems achieving as much as 900kVA, these systems completely meet the high-density requirement of modern data centers.

Lower PUE
With smart sleep technology, the power module sleeps and wakes up in turns when the load is less than 10%. The wake-up time is less than 20ms.

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