Modular Fire Suppression System

Canovate’s compact extinguishing system, with extinguishing agents Novec™1230 or FM 200, is an ideal and compact solution to protect your Data Center or IT room. This compact system is space-saving, detects the fire hazard automatically in an early state, separates the supply of current, and extinguishes the fire independently, quickly and without residue.


2U Fire Extinguisher System with Novec™ 1230 or FM 200

Canovate’s Fire Detection and Extinguisher System provides local fire protection to the most valuable assets within the data center comms room, eliminating the threat to business continuity due to fire. This system can be used within 19” rack cabinets.

Budget Friendly

Canovate uses less extinguishant gas and moves with the cabinet, so there’s no need for reinstallation. This system lets you concentrate your security where it’s needed most – on the high-value equipment in the cabinet.

Fire Protection Where It Counts

Canovate puts fire protection at the point of greatest risk for faster detection & fire suppression. This ensures continuous asset availability & protection.

Cost Effective Solutions

Canovate Solutions do not need extensive design calculations, room strengthening, or costly wiring. Installation, commissioning and maintenance costs are all reduced in a more cost-effective solution.

*  Plug & Play system with minimum installation time and expense

*  FM200& Novec™ 1230 options are available

*  Can suppress fire in a closed area up to max 200m3

*  Optimal use of Data Center space through compact and space-saving design

*  Limited disruption of operations during assembly

*  Optimized damage prevention by sensitive detection, brief flooding time and rapid extinguishing effect

*  Control panel on the front door and buzzer on the top

*  High environmental compatibility of the extinguishing agent


*  Server Cabinets

*  Electric Control Cabinets

*  Oil Refineries

*  Petrochemical Plants

*  Clinical/diagnostic equipment

*  Control rooms

*  Pump stations

*  Transformer vaults

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

Dimensions 1600x600x450mm (HXWXD)
Weight appx. 250 kg

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