Fire Extinguishing Solutıons

Canovate 3U cabinet type fire detection and extinguishing system is the only one in the market which doesn’t need any electric power for fire protection. 3U system does the fire protection at the greater risk area for faster detection & fire supression. So it ensures continuous asset awailability and protection in the cabinet.


3U Fire Detection & Extinguishing System


–  3U fire protection system guarantee highly sensitive fire detection and residue-free extinguishing

–  Fire protection at the core of greater risk area

–  Requires no electric power or battery backup.

–  Continuous fire protection regardless of power outage or battery dead

–  Instead of protection whole room, concentrate on the protection of high risk, high value equipment within the individual cabinet.

–  Cost effective system, no need for heavy design and fire protection project for the building.

–  Extensive saving on installation, commissioning and maintenance cost of complex fire extinguishing systems.

–  Capacity: 2, 4, 6 liter

–  Extinguishing agent : Novec 1230 (FK-5-1-12)

–  Extinguishing agent : FM 200(HFC227ea)

–  Certificate: UL,CE

–  Sensor Tubing:

–  Outside Diameter: 4mm

–  Inside Diameter: 6mm

–  Min. Bend Radius: 4”/100mm



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