Mobile Container

The mobile container provides a protected housing for the server cabinets, power distribution system, cooling system, monitoring system, fire control system, and lighting system. The container performs the following functions:

  • Houses the telecom and data center equipment, which can be interconnected inside in a safe, centralized manner.
  • Provides an environment that protects the container from external impact or access.


Technical Specifications of Mobile Container 

*  Container / Shelter size : 12192 mm x 2438mm x 2896mm (high cube : 40 ft)

*  Outer / Inner sheet : Pre-painted Galvanized GI Sheet

*  Sheet Thickness : 0.6mm

*  Rockwool insulation thickness : 50mm overall

*  Floor Panel : 100 mm thickness (19mm plywood with 80 mm rockwool insulation and 0.6 mm sheet thickness)

*  Primary roof

*  1 mtr extended ISMB / ISMC

*  Cable Tray

*  Door lock system

Technical Document

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