Mini Data Center Solutions

Canovate’s Mini Data Center is a modular server rack that allow organizations to meet their networking needs while controlling both capital and operational expenditures. As standalone units, they are suitable for hospital clinics, disaster recovery operations, field or branch offices, or any other site that needs cutting-edge data center solutions but may not have on-site IT personnel.

Mini Data Centers can also be scaled up to hundreds of racks. This scalability makes them the perfect solution for established organizations that have seen a period of growth and need to expand, as well as start-ups that need to control their expenditures now, but also need the flexibility to grow rapidly later.

Our Mini Data Centers can be deployed in 4-6 weeks from the design stage to the go-live date. They are fully turn-key telecommunications solutions; as much of their infrastructure as possible including cooling, power management and protection, and security and monitoring – is built into the design.


Mini Data Center IT Rack with Integrated Side Cooler (DX or CW Based)

–  Integrated monitoring system

–  Install Data Center where you want and need it

–  Rapid deployment in 4-6 weeks from plan to start-up

–  Low total cost of ownership

–  Up to 50% less space required

–  No raised floor required

–  Full turnkey Data Center including cooling, structured cabling, monitoring, power management and protection

–  Standalone Data Center

–  Individual rack cooling up to 52 kW

–  High level security within rack fire protection and monitoring systems

–  Advanced power management with IP PDU and UPS systems

–  Internal redundancy achieved by using 3x fan.

–  External redundancy achieved by using N+1 side coolers

–  Structured cabling solutions with overhead cable channels

–  Access Control options with either keypad, RFID card reader or fingerprint reader to open the cabinet doors


–  High density servers exceeding 10 kW Mobile Containers/Shelters

–  Branch Offices

–  Disaster recovery operations

–  Small clinics/hospitals

–  Warehouses

–  Remote installations

–  Temporary installation

–  Mobile applications




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