Inorax-Star Rack Cabinet (CSB-DC)

Canovate’s seismic rack cabinets are designed and manufactured according to structural performance criteria set by GR63 Telcordia Zone 4 for installation in Earthquake Risk Zone 4 areas. Use of a floor anchor kit with the seismic cabinet is highly recommended.



–  2200 kg carrying capacity,

–  Perforated front and rear doors,

–  Solid Side Panels,

–  Internal top sheet,

–  2 pairs of depth adjustable 19” Mounting Rails,

–  Front and rear perforated doors with lever lock mechanism and multi-point espagnolette lock,

–  UL Certified, RoHS and TS EN 61587-1 compliant,

–  It has TS EN 60068-2-47 environmental conditions durability certificate.

–  Paint ; Compliant with ISO 9227 and ASTM B 117-85 standards, resistant to minimum 500 hours salt test and high strength against impacts; Electrostatic RAL 9005 Texture Black or RAL 7035 Texture light Gray powder paint is used. Nano Technology (Zirconium coated surface treatment) is used in the coating before painting.



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