High Density Swing Type SCM Module

Single Circuit Management Module CAN-SCS-10X (SCM Module) is used for special high density applications where the networks requires regular updates. With this system you can have the flexibility to work just only on one cassette with 4 splices without disturbing neighbouring cassettes.

Canovate Swing type 3U SCM high density fiber module is a perfect solution for ODF systems and fiber cross cabinets in specialised applications with higher handling and reliability requirements, Access to the fibers is possible by folding away neighbouring cassettes, without disturbing previously spliced fibers. The bend radius limitation of 35 mm is ensured throughout the cassettes and the module itself.


Highlights of SCM Splice Module

–  Modular designed for 19”/ETSI optical distribution frames

–  Swing Out type SCM Splice Modules provide max fiber termination possibility with superior cable management

–  3U module with 96 ports (SC/APC simplex adapters)

–  4 x splices per cassette (24 SCM cassettes)

–  Ensures minimal cable movement

–  Swing Out type Splice Modules have a spring loaded locking pin on the left side to prevent accidentally opening of the modules

–  The module is automatically locked at the 90° swing out position

–  You can open the cover plate to access to the patchfield

–  The cable storage unit provides excellent cable storage

Features of Splice Cassette

–  Minimum bending radius 35mm

–  4 x splices per cassette

–  Integrated pigtail fixing 0.9 mm

–  Robust hinge


ABS/PC, Halogen free and flame-retardant



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