High Density Smart ODF CAN-I-SPLIT-10X

Canovate’s High Density Smart ODF CAN-I-SPLIT-10X includes a smart, dual-monitoring solution, designed to give telecom companies the ability to monitor signal levels and information loss from a central office.

Our High Density Smart ODF system is based on a combination of passive optical splitters, which split the input signal into two signals. One receives 95% of the original signal, while the other 5% drifts to monitoring ports. The signal can also be divided into multiples of 5 that always follow the same procedure, enabling us to offer 90/10, 85/15, or 80/20 split ratios.


Highlights of High Density Smart ODF:

*  Compact 2 U module

*  Each 2U module accommodates 20 splitter modules with 4×1:2 splitters.

*  Each splitter module has the classic configuration of In, Out, Mon In, Mon Out, X in and X out.

*  As an additional security measure, the system includes in the four lower ports (Mon in, Mon out, Tx and Rx out) adaptors with shutter. This will protect the user to get exposed directly to laser.


*  Carrier & transmission networks in central offices of Telco`s.

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

Technical Details of CAN-I-SPLIT-10X

Dimensions 435 mm (W) x 260 mm (D) x 2U (H)
Material Mild Steel
Color RAL7035
Weight 5 kg

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