Fiber Duct System

Raw Material; It is produced from S/40 PVC, which is a type of polymer (CH2-CH2). After this polymer is blended with various additives, it is transformed into plastic and thus used. Test results of the raw material are as below;

–  Hardness value: 83 to 85 Sh

–  Screw temperature: 120°C

–  Test inlet temperature: 190°C

–  Test outlet temperature:250°C

–  It has a self-extinguishing feature against flame.

–  Load carrying capacity: 120kg (per 1mt)


Incombustibility: Cable ducts are made of S/40 PVC material, resistant to heat and flame up to 60°C. It is a nonflammable type and never emits toxic gas.

Infrangibility: The tensile and hardness values of the raw material are between 83 and 85 Sh. According to this average, the point weight capacity of the product is 120 kg.

Incorruptible and Non-deformable: Through chemicals and UV additives in S/40 PVC material never allows deterioration, discoloration, and deformation of the duct.


–  Are Halogen Free: Plastic cable ducts, which are components of the electrical system, are the most flammable materials. Smoke occurred as a result of the burnt cables can be highly toxic
and fatal. When the halogen-free ducts and shields are burned, they prevent the progression of the flame and reduce the time for fire to spread to other areas. Also, the smoke produced is not toxic.

–  Provide a Short Circuit Protection: Non-plastic channels cause harmful effects on the whole system in arcs and short circuits due to their conductivity. On the other hand, plastic cable ducts
eliminate the short circuits that may occur in a short time through their insulation.

–  Are Environment-Friendly: As it is known, plastic is one of the products that pollute the environment in our world and cannot be destroyed in nature. Plastic negatively affects the environment in this respect. Since plastic cable channels are made from a recyclable raw material, they are delivered to the user again by shredding method. Thus, our product never gets into nature as waste.





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