Cold/Hot Aisle Containment System

Canovate’s Cold & Hot Aisle containment solution is an Aisle Frame Containment system – separating the cold supply air from the hot server exhaust. It maximizes the system’s efficiency, minimizes its power consumption, and reduces its footprint, making it the perfect solution for medium- to large-scale data centers.


The Cold & Hot Aisle Containment system is retrofitable – making it ideal for improving the performance of older server rooms facing upgrades. It’s also modular and scalable, which helps future-proof investment against growing needs. As demand on your system increases, and your data center grows, our Cold & Hot Aisle Containment solution can grow proportionally.

–  Enables isolation of hot and cold aisles to maximize cooling system efficiency and minimize cooling energy requirement

–  Highly modular, scalable, expandable, and retrofitable

–  Optimum cooling solution for big and medium scale Data Centers coupled with CRAC or Inrow cooling units to increase efficiency of cooling system

–  Provides moderate efficiency, energy saving and free cooling capabilities.



–  More efficient than traditional cooling technologies up to 50% energy savings

–  Scalable, expandable

–  Increase server performance and cooling efficiency in Data Centers

–  Modular concept

–  Retrofitable

–  Green IT

–  Complete system solution:
* Power management
* Monitoring
* Cooling
* Security

–  Efficient energy management

–  Customizable design options with various air conditioning solutions



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