1U 9.5” and ETSI Fiber Optic Patch Panel with bolting mechanism CAN-FPP-650

Enables easy installation of different fiber modules in a rack via special bolted fixing mechanism. It consumes less space and provides the flexibility to use 2 different modules in a 1U space.




–  Mechanical bolting system

–  9” Modules with different adapter options

–  1U option (12,24, 36 and 48 port capacity)

–  Manages small & large quantities of fiber with a high packing density

–  Cable glands to secure the incoming fiber, allows min movement

–  Fiber guide tubes to protect and direct the fibers to the cassettes in a professional way

–  Easy to maintain and extend

–  Minimum bend radius of fibers and strain relief for all entry cables

–  Fiber bend radius control of 35 mm

–  All known connector types such as SC, FC, ST, E2000, LC, MU etc. are possible


–  FTTX applications, Datacenter and LAN & WAN projects.



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