Performance Management System

Our Performance Management System aims to monitor employees’ efforts and developments in competencies related to the tasks they perform. Information obtained from performance evaluation;

  • In the arrangement of personal fees,
  • In determining training needs and training plans,
  • It is used to create career plans.

The performance evaluation process is carried out once a year in the last month of the relevant calendar year. The performance of each employee is evaluated by the supervisor. In the process of performance appraisal, the supervisors conduct performance interviews with the employee and prepare the employee’s development plan together for the next year.


As CANOVATE GROUP we accept the fact that all people have their own qualifications and characteristics and moreover we also acknowledge the fact that the employees own qualifications and capabilities. For this reason, we constituted our Human Resource System depending upon “Competence-Oriented” in case of matching up the qualifications  require for the job , itself compatible with the qualifications of the employees , themselves.

We can define ‘’Competency’’ as the know-how regarding the work required to be carried out in the best way, the skill that should be held to carry out the work and behaviors covering our attitudes determining our way of approach to our environment and work during the performance of the work.

Within this frame we have identified 32 competencies for CANOVATE GROUP. Determination of training requirements that are our Essential Human Resources applications and the training planning, career planning and salary arrangement are based on the observation of the competency of our employee regarding the work they carry out, in other works the evaluation of performance.

The competencies we have set for CANOVATE GROUP are the same as the next page. For more detailed descriptions of Functional Competencies, please refer to the Competency Manual attached to the Performance Evaluation Procedure.

Training/Development Studies 

Training and development objectives of the study is to assist professional and personal development of employees. Department heads are at the end of each year; For the following year, the department sends the list of vocational training that the employees recommend to Human Resources. Personal development trainings are planned and carried out by the Human Resources Department for all employees, in a business relationship with department managers.


If staff positions are open at any position and placement is internal employment, it is possible for employees to change departments and titles within the institution as described in the Staff Selection Placement Procedure.

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities