SC Pigtails

Canovate pigtails are available with different buffer and jacket types and colors, including bare fibers (250 microns), tight buffers (900 microns) or jacketed minicables in simplex or duplex (zip-cord) constructions.

Technical Details

Part No Type
KSM-0-PGSXYYY-0-SC09uu-t yyy meter SC/uu SM Fiber Pigtail, 0.9 mm , t
KMM-0-PGSXYYY-0-SC09uu-t yyy meter SC/uu MM Fiber Pigtail, 0.9 mm , t
yyy : Available lengths in meter 0.5/1/1.5/2,3
uu: “AP” APC
t : Available colors (0: White, 1:Beige , 2:Black, 3:Red, 4:Green, 5:Blue, 6:Yellow, 7:Orange)