Troy Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) System

Overview of Troy Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) System

The key for a successfully managed transmission network lies in the choice of the right fiber optical distribution frame (ODF) system. Canovate Troy ODF (CAN-ODF-700) solution provides flexible cabling access, expandable frame concept, integrated and superior cable management and in addition to them a future proof modular design with the highest termination capacity possible. High density side access type of module is also designed to fit a variety of termination, splice, and storage applications.

 Highlights of Optical Distribution Frame  

• Standard 19” & ETSI installations
• Designed to be used together with high density side access type modules
• Maximum fiber density of 2016 ports (splice & patch)
• Fiber ODF includes special cable glands to fix the maximum number of bundle cables on the ground
• Slot type cable guide compartments to feed the modules via miniflex tubes
• No crushed or stressed fibers
• Wide range of splice, patch and cable storage options at Optical Distribution Frames (ODF).
• Bend radius protection of 35 mm throughout entire ODF frame and all modules
• Maximum cable protection
• Cassettes are interchangeable for various cable/tube counts and connector styles
• Accepts WDM and splitter cassettes
• Integral patchcord management

Density Information

• 14 Modules in 47 U Frame
• LC, FC, ST, MTRJ, E-2000 interfaces etc available
• Frames are compliant to Telcordia Specification GR-449-core


Fiber Tranmission Networks in Telco`s Central Office applications, FTTX applications, Fiber exchange systems, Utility Networks

Technical Details of CAN-ODF-700

Dimensions 900 mm (W) x 300 mm (D) x 2200 mm (H)
Material Mild Steel
Color Powder coat RAL7035
Weight 120 kg / empty
Maximum Port
2016 Port (splice & patch)
Maximum High
Density Side Access
14 x 3U Module (144 ports) = 2016 ports of
any SFF connector/frame
Compliance GR-449-core of Telcordia Specification