Inorax-23 Outdoor Cabinet

SMC/Polycabonate Cabinet

An ultimate solution for outdoor fiber cable connection and also distribution applications. Special glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate structure makes this cabinet an ideal solution for cross-connect applications of Telecom and Cable TV companies. The structure is a blend of low weight and high mechanical strength and its functional design gives extra advantages both for installation and cable management.

Technical Details

Material Glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate
Protection Level IP54


• Weather-proof outdoor cabinet for cross connect applications

• Double front door

• Door hinges circular type-stainless steel

• Locking systems: Latch-Type Cylindrical Lock 3 points, 2 vertical bars, 1 lock

• Professional cable management with sufficient number of entry holes (Suitable sized grommeted or poke-out or punch-through) for incoming feeder cables and distributions cables

• Plinth with 4 entry panels on the front and back for fixing and management

• Cable Clamps to secure up to 18 mm diameter FOC.

• Impact resistant

• 4 Vertical mounting rails

• RAL7035