Category 7A S/FTP 1000MHz LAN Cables

Canovate® CAT 7A S/FTP LAN Data Cable is an enhanced performance cable used for transmission of high speed data, digital and analogue voice and video RGB signals on LANs. It supports Gigabit Ethernet (40G BASE-T) standard and operates at bandwidths up to 1000 MHZ.

Product Application

  • All Ethernet applications which includes
  • 10 Base T (IEEE 802.3)
  • 100 Base T (IEEE 802.3U)
  • 100 Vg-Any LAN (IEEE 802.12)
  • Token ring (IEEE 805.5)
  • TP-PMD (ANSI X3T9.5)
  • ATM 155
  • 40G BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
  • Voice, Data , CATV & All sharing application up to 1000 MHz

Product Benefits

The cable supports gigabit ethernet protocol for installation in horizontal and backbone applications.

Mechanical And Environmental Properties

Maximum tensile load 14kg per simplex cable (installation)
Minimum bend radius 8 x outer diameter (installation)

4 x outer diameter (operation)

Temperature 0°C to +50°C (installation)

-10°C to +60°C (operation)

Electrical Properties (At 20°C)

Electrical Characteristics@ 20°C Specifications Typical Performance
Conductor loop resistance Max 19.0 / 100m 14.5/ 100m
Conductor resistance unbalance Max 2% 1.5%
Dielectric strength 1.0kV de or 0.7kV ac for 1 min 100% in process test
Insulation resistance 500M .km @ U 100-500 V test voltage >5 GQkm
Capacitance unbalance to earth Max 330 pF/100m 330 pF/100m
Velocity of propagation <538 nsec/100m@ 1000MHz 496 nsec/100m @ 1000MHz (NVP for hand held testers = 0.69)
Skew Max 45 nsec/100m@ 1000MHz 25 nsec/100m@ 1000MHz
Characteristic impedance 100.0 +/- 15.0@ 1000MHz 100.0 +/- 10.0@ 1000MHz
Mutual capacitance 5.6nF/ 100m 5.6nF/ 100m