Elektro Elektronik Kollektif Ltd., was founded as an Electronic Research and Development Company by brothers Can Gür and Özcan Gür.

Elektro developed and produced a marine-type announcement system and a power phase failure relay product for motors.

Elektro launched the world’s first Panel Type Digital Power Factor Meter (Cosϕ) to the market.

Elektro first presented Cosϕ meter and reactive power control system to the market for the first time in Turkey.

Elektro, entered the electronic distribution business in order to serve the telecom and consumer electronic categories.

Elektro added Alcatel Teletaş Ümraniye facilities to its territory, and changed its name as Komsa Komünikasyon A.Ş. and signed an agreement to produce Alcatel’s System12 Digital Exchanges, Radio Link Systems and Payphones.

Komsa abandoned its OEM agreement with Alcatel and began to develop 19” Network and Server rack cabinets.

Komsa company name changed as Canovate.

Canovate developed aluminum chassis Network and Server cabinets and received The 2nd prize in the world for these cabinets.

Canovate began to develop Passive Fiber Optic Infrastructure product family included ODF (Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinets), Fiber Patch Panels, etc.

Canovate produced Turkey’s first double-sided fiber tape ODF named Troy and was awarded with the Technology Award of the year.

Canovate opened an office in Dubai.

Canovate developed an In-Row Cooler (Front/Side Cooling) family with German business partner.

Canovate developed Micro Data Center, Mini Data Center and Mobile Data Center. Launch of the Structural Cabling family IP PDU and “Nano Sense Environmental Surveillance System was developed and patent applications began.

Canovate developed the Indirect Adiabatic Cooling family and Can Fiber Tree Solutions.

Canovate opened an office in the state of Florida, USA

Canovate opened an office at Athens, Greece
Canovate developed “Adiabatic Indirect Evaporative Cooling Family”.

Canovate opened an office in Ankara, Turkey.