Switched INLET-PDU With Entire PDU Level Metering

Canovate outlet based switched INLET-PDU offers real-time remote power monitoring of voltage (Volts), current (Amps), power (kW, kVA) and energy consumption (kWh) with billing grade accuracy at the entire PDU level. Environmental monitoring capability on the rack level is provided by the EMS module embedded in the INLET-PDU.

With optional plug & play sensors – including combo humidity & temperature, door contact, and water leakage – potential environmental threats inside your rack can be easily monitored. The early detection this enables allows issues to be solved before they become problems.



Data centers of industries like Telecom, Hosting & Colocation, Finance, Insurance, Education, Power, Aerospace, Medical, E-government, Utilities like Oil, Gas, Water companies etc. where remote monitoring and access is required Industry 4.0 and Internet of things related applications where remote monitoring and access is required.


*  Remote monitoring and management via network

*  Remote power monitoring of voltage (Volts), current (Amps), power (kW, kVA) and energy consumption (kWh) entire PDU level

*  Outlet based switching capability

*  Embedded Web Interface with graphics

*  Embedded Environmental Monitoring Capability

*  1x Combo Temperature & Humidity sensor

*  1x Dry contact input for any sensor connectivity up to 4 sensors (water, fan, door switch etc.)

*  Management over SNMP v2

*  100Mbit Ethernet

*  SMTP (Email notification of alarms)

*  SNTP (Time Protocol)

*  Authorized Access feature

*  Total 25 Ampere on / off 250VAC / 10A per socket

*  High frequency filter

*  Timer Function

*  Sleep Mode Energy Management and network wake-up

*  Software upgrade via USB

*  1,5U Aluminum housing

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

Part No Description
PC-C20B04-260-132-503PE Vertical, total based measurable and socket based managed IP PDU, 1 phase, 20C13 + 4C19 socket, 6 fuses, 3×6.00 mm2 3 m cable, 32A

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