Standalone UPS 10-120 kVA

Canovate’s 10-120kVA Standalone Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units are three-phase input and output systems, compatible with mainline voltages and frequencies found in Europe, the Americas, and throughout the world (including 380/400/415VAC and 200/208VAC, and in 50 or 60Hz).

Our 10-120kVA UPSs meet the three main functions of a UPS – protecting systems from power spikes and sags, providing continuous power in the event of a brown out or power outage, and giving users and technicians time to safely shut down equipment should the main power fail – through online double conversion technology.

Online double conversion technology means that the raw power coming into the system is completely separated from the power going out to your equipment. The UPS converts the Alternating Current (AC) coming from the utility company or generator – which is full of spikes and sags – into Direct Current (DC), while simultaneously running the unit’s inverter and filling its batteries. This DC power is then converted back into AC power and sent out to the load.


Double conversion is ideal for mission-critical, power-sensitive equipment in data centers, hospitals, telecommunications networks, and other essential functions.

Three Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) and an IGBT rectifier, inverter, and charger are at the heart of our 10-120kVA UPSs. These receive and respond to incoming signals quickly, precisely, and reliably, while also allowing for fully digital controlling and monitoring.

Up to six units can be run in parallel, providing continuous, clean power to even very large data center environments.

Like all of Canovate’s products, our 10-120kVA Standalone UPS has been engineered to be as environmentally and user friendly as possible. This system has been designed with a low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) to enable higher power factors and efficiencies, and its intelligent battery management extends the lifetime of the unit.

At the same time, it’s front-access panels, self-diagnostic functions, and fault protections ease the processes of maintenance and repair.

Canovate’s standalone uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) enable capital and operational expenditures to be controlled by supplying the precise amount of backup power needed for a system, without requiring additional investments in infrastructure. As standalone systems, they are tower-based units, and can be bolted to the floor for added safety and security.


*  Three Phase Input & Output system, compatible with mainline voltages of 380/400/415VAC or 200/208VAC, and frequencies of 50-60Hz

*  Up to 6 units can run in parallel

*  Online double conversion technology provides the best power quality possible

*  Supports all kind of load types with high overload capability

*  Fully digital control with three DSPs including IGBT rectifier, inverter and charger

*  Digital circulating current control technology increases the parallel reliability

*  Wide input voltage window, compatible with different utilities

*  Green power technology, high input power factor, low THD, high efficiency

*  Intelligent battery management extends the battery lifetime

*  Intelligent self-diagnostic function, fault protections, and a large capacity for record storage

*  Full-front maintenance saves space in the Data Center

*  Redundant design of power model fans, increasing the system reliability

*  Modularized design of the subsystem, convenient for field maintenance

*  High MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) > 200,000h

*  Low MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) < 0.5h

*  Large LCD display and technician-friendly machine interface

*  Configured with top and bottom cable connections

*  Additional options include main backfeed protection, bypass backfeed protection, battery leakage protection, lighting protection kit, battery start kit and output isolation transformer


*  EN 62040-1 (Safety)

*  EN 62040-2 (EMC)

*  CE Approved

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