Standalone UPS 1-10 Kva

Canovate’s standalone uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) enable you to control your capital and operational expenditures by allowing you to invest in the precise amount of backup power for your needs. As standalone systems, they are tower-based units, and can be bolted to the floor for added safety and security.

Our 1-kVA units are a single-phase design. This means they use a standard plug (120V in North America and where appropriate) and that they’re appropriate for most office and residential purposes.

At the core of our 1-10kVA UPS is a high-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that receives and responds to incoming signals quickly, precisely, and reliably. Our system allows for a wide range of input frequencies (40-70Hz), and its output frequency is self-adaptive (to match loads between 50-60Hz).

Uninterruptible power supplies serve three main functions: protecting critical systems from power spikes and sags, providing continuous power in the case of a power outage, brown out, or other failure, and giving users and technicians time to safely shut down equipment, before data is lost or sensitive equipment damaged, in the event of a power failure.


With auto detection and zero switching time, Canovate’s 1-10kVA UPS switches from the primary to secondary power instantaneously, giving your systems continuous protections from common telecommunications failures. These protections include:

*  Over Current Protection (OCP) – protects against any output pulling too much current

*  Over Power Protection (OPP) – protects the system from overloading

*  Short Circuit Protection (SCP) – protects against changes in voltage caused by current flowing through an unintended path

*  Over Voltage Protection (OVP) – protects against the system pulling too much voltage, which may be caused by improperly designed hardware, a short circuit, or a failure in the power supply

*  Under Voltage Protection (UVP) – protects against undervoltage, which can cause equipment to pull higher currents and lead to rising temperatures

*  Over Temperature Protection (OTP) – protects against the UPS itself overheating

*  Temperatures are controlled by self-adjusting fans, and remote monitoring and network management are achieved through a selection of interfaces, including RS232, Intelligent Slot, USB, and ePO (ePolicy Orchestrator ) for communication through a firewall.


High-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for precise, fast, and reliable data processing

Wide range of input frequencies (40-70HZ)and self-adaptive output frequency 50/60HZ to match various types of load

Zero switching time

Detects reverse connection of null line and live wire

DC starting (cold start) and auto reboot for user friendly functionality

Auto detection

Protections include overload, short circuit, over voltage, and under voltage, bypassing, emergency shutdown and more

Intelligent battery management for long service life with automatic charging ON/OFF mode

RS232 interface, intelligent slot, USB and EPO communication interface for excellent network management and remote monitoring

Automatic fan speed adjustment

LED/LCD display optional


EN 62040-1 (Safety)

EN 62040-2 (EMC)

CE Approved

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