Standalone 3 Phase UPS 160-600 kVA

Canovate Electronics’ True On-Line Double Conversion Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) provide to their load power that is free of spikes or sags. Power coming in – from a utility company, generator, or other source – is converted from Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC). This both fills the unit’s batteries and powers its inverter. The always on-line inverter continuously produces smooth AC, allowing sensitive equipment to run efficiently and protecting them from problems such as overcurrent and overvoltage.

Advanced battery management extends the service life of the unit, lowering the total cost of ownership and better protecting your equipment. In the case of a power outage or brownout, power to your equipment is automatically drawn from the unit’s batteries, keeping your systems operational until power is restored or can be supplied from another source – such as a generator. In the event that power will not be restored and your systems need to power down, our 160-600kVA units give your technicians the time to do so safely.

Our system operates with 93% efficiency, which means lower operational costs both to run the system and to mitigate the heat it produces. This is achieved in part through our state-of-the-art harmonic controls, which reduce Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) to less than 3%, helping control electromagnetic noise, heat production, and core loss.


Unlimited numbers of these units can be run in parallel, providing continuous, clean power to the largest data center environments and protecting your equipment from common issues, including:

*  Over Current – Pulling too much current can generate enough heat to melt equipment or even start a fire. Over current can be caused by a change in the design of the system, an improper ground, excessive loads, and short circuits.

*  Short Circuit – A short circuit is any unintended path followed by an electric current – the current follows a “shorter circuit.” Loose connections and exposed wire are common causes. Short circuits allow large amounts of power to flow with little resistance, which can damage equipment and trip circuit breakers.

*  Over Voltage – Simply switching on an inductive load – like the motors and electromagnets common in data center equipment – can cause overvoltage, which can lead to power surges and damaged equipment.

*  Under Voltage – Undervoltage happens when the average incoming voltage drops below intended parameters. If the system still pulls enough energy to operate at a reduced voltage, it will do so at a higher current. This increase in current can create damaging levels of heat.

With a small footprint, easy maintenance, a wide range of input voltages and optional dual inputs, Canovate’s 160-600kVA UPS is the perfect solution for mission-critical data center environments where generators or other secondary power sources will be wired into the system.


True on-line double conversion technology

IGBT PWM rectifier & inverter technology

DSP control

Low input current THD (<3%)

High input power factor (>0.99)

High efficiency up to 93%

Optional dual input

Wide input voltage range

Advanced battery management

Short circuit, overload protection, under voltage, and other protections

Unlimited number of parallelable modules

Selectable number of batteries

500 real time event log with detailed parameters

Static&Manual bypass operation

Small footprint and easy maintenance

Advanced communication capabilities

Perfect generator compatibility

Customizable as a frequency converter


EN 62040-1 (Safety)

EN 62040-2 (EMC)

CE Approved

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