Smart Server Rack

Canovate’s Smart Server Rack system is an intelligent single-rack solution designed for data centers and any IT application where remote monitoring of the basic environmental conditions inside the Server rack is essential. Our smart rack system has an embedded environmental monitoring unit on the front door with a very user-friendly graphical LCD screen. You can remotely monitor:

*  Temperature and humidity

*  Fan speed in rpm and fan failure

*  Door open- or closed-status for added security

Canovate’s Smart Server Rack system is a very user-friendly and cost-effective alternative to pricey, complex environmental monitoring systems.



Standard Configuration of Smart Server Rack:

*  H x W x D: 42U x 800mm x 1000mm, up to 1200 mm

*  1500 kg loading capacity

*  Aluminium or Steel profile

*  Depth adjustable 19’’ mounting rails with U marking

*  Front and rear doors with internal frame and 63% perforation ratio (optional 80%)

*  Controllable electronic lock (locally but also remotely)

*  Adjustable feet

*  Earthing kit and earthing bar

*  RAL9005 or RAL 7035 powder coated

*  One combo temperature / humidity sensor connected to the controller

*  EMS Unit Technical Features

*  A unique controller powered by a Cortex-M3 microcontroller running at 100MHz

*  2.8” TFT color LCD 16bit parallel interface touch screen attached to the controller

*  Real time clock with internal battery

*  4x analog inputs for Fan Tachometer

*  1x analog input for the combo temperature/humidity digital sensor

*  1x dry contact input for the door sensor

*  1x digital output for the electronic door lock

*  Ethernet connectivity with web interface integrated software

*  SNMP traps for notification

*  SMTP support for mail alerts

*  Customized limit values for lower or upper thresholds

*  Temperature and Humidity graphical display on LCD and on the web page

*  Ping to direct IP address for Internet connectivity check

Optional Accessories for Smart Server Rack:

*  Castor Set

*  1U 19” Metal/Plastic Cable Organizer

*  1U 19’’ Blanking panels

*  3 pcs of radial fans with 625 m³/h for cooling (N+1 redundancy); the fan tachometer output info can be read through the controller and alert in case of fan failure

*  Vertical blanking panels with zero-U patching option

*  Vertical Cable Organizer and cable manager

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