RC4-Anti Theft Micro Data Center

3kW Cooling, Electronic Access, UPS, Intelligent Patch Panel, Environmental Monitoring!

RC4 Anti-Theft Micro Data Center Cabinet is the perfect solution to protect your mission-critical equipment from any unauthorized access, including theft of information or property, and vandalism.

RC4 Norm: Even an experienced thief or intruder – using saws, axes, accu-drilling machines, hammers or chisels – won’t be able to enter the cabinet for 10 minutes, giving plenty of time for an appropriate intervention. (DIN V ENV 1630, 1999-04)


Technical Features:

*  H x W x D: 42U x 900mm x 1100mm

*  IP54, RC4 certified

*  3 kW Cooling capacity with heat exchanger

*  Steel frame chassis according to 25mm DIN system

*  Double skin front door and side & rear panels
– Outer skin: 1.5 galvanized steel
– Inner skin: 0.8 mm special undrillable/armored steel
– Impact resistant grill structure between inner and outer skin

*  Specially designed 5-point WK4 locking mechanism

*  1200 kg carrying capacity

*  Depth adjustable 19” mounting rails with U markings

*  Electronic lock with keypad, integrated to monitoring System

*  Shielded cable channels for data and power cabling

*  Side panels, top and bottom sheets are bolted internally

*  Adjustable feet

*  Earthing kit and earthing bar

*  RAL 7035 powder coated

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