Power Distribution Panel

Canovate Power Distribution Panels deliver power where you need it, in any data center or telecommunication environment. Our electrical distribution panels are modular, scalable and, with a capacity of up to 3200A, can be configured to meet your needs.

With our panel’s integrated monitored system, inputs, outputs, and individual breakers can be remotely monitored in real time, either over a local area network or through any internet connection.

Compatibility with both single-phase and three-phase inputs allows you to precisely direct the amount of current you need for your load. Single-phase systems have less power and use two wires – neutral and hot – like most electrical outlets in an office or residence in the United States. Three-phase systems have more power, which require three or even four wires to handle. Each wire provides its own alternating current, often with an additional grounding line. Three phase power is often used for industrial equipment and commercial buildings.

Our Power Distribution Panels are user and technician friendly, with shock-safe features, dielectric properties, temperature controls, and on-load switching. And with hot-swappable outputs to the racks, additional circuits can be added without prior scheduling.

Two mechanically interlocked switches comprise our Automatic Transfer Switch, allowing control between single or three phase systems on networks I and II. Changeover can be done automatically or manually. The three stable positions (I, 0, and II) can each be padlocked, for enhanced safety and security.



*  Modular and Scalable

*  Capacity up to 3200A

*  Shock-safe

*  Additional circuits can be added without prior scheduling

*  Temperature controls

*  Dielectric properties

*  High short-circuit withstand rating

Automatic Transfer Switch:

*  Isolation with positive break indication

*  On-load switching

*  Manual emergency operation

*  3 stable positions (I, 0, II)

*  Padlocking in 0 or in all three positions (I, 0, II)

*  AUTO / MANUAL selector

*  Command of the device in 0 position thanks to the energy storage device (ATyS M 6e)

*  Single phase or three phase control on networks I and II (ATyS M 6s and M 6e)

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