Modular UPS Module

Canovate Electronics’ Modular Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Modules are engineered to provide loads of power free from spikes and sags, and to provide continuous backup power in the face of a brown out or power outage, that precisely match your operational needs.

Our Modular UPS Modules are designed to work with our Modular UPS cabinets. This integrated modular design can affordably provide power from between 20-300kVA, allowing you to invest in the right amount of power to meet your needs today, and to easily expand your system as your business – and its needs – grow.

Our Modular UPS Modules are highly efficient, with state-of-the-art harmonic controls that reduce Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) to less than 3%, which helps control electromagnetic noise, heat production, and core loss.


Each module is configured with an independent control to avoid the risk of a single-point failure. To improve on our compact design, we have integrated many essential components, including the Series Resonant Converter (SRC) and Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) into the rectifier and inverter. This has allowed us to reduce the number of potential fault points and increase reliability.

Our intelligent battery management further reduces the total cost of ownership by extending the life of the system and keeping your equipment safe.

Our systems are designed to be user and technician friendly, with a low-noise design and digital controls for the entire system, including the rectifier, inverter, charger, and discharger. The large touch screen provides all the information you need to keep your system running smoothly, but we also offer an SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) communication card, which allows the same information to be shared over a network.

Maintenance, repair, and upgrades are designed to be handled entirely from the front of the Modular UPS cabinet, and cables can be connected from above or below. The unit’s generator-friendly interface allows for a secondary source of power, for an added measure of reliability.


*  SNMP communication card

*  Battery temperature compensation module

*  Dust-proof net

*  Parallel kit


*  High input power factor (>0.99)

*  Low input THD (<3%)

*  Strong load adaptability for linear and nonlinear loads

*  Intelligent module, system protection, and low noise design

*  Double DSP controller for individual power modules

*  Digital control over each part, including rectifier, inverter, charger and discharger

*  IGBT modules rather than discrete components are applied in the power module

*  Battery cold start module

*  All PCB with conformal coating

*  Inbuilt switch for cabinet input, output and maintenance connection

*  Large LCD touch screen interface

*  Independent charger for batteries

*  Intelligent battery management system

*  4 Digital parallelizing technology, very low circle current between modules

*  Totally front access

*  Top and bottom cable connection

*  Individual modules configured with independent controllers to avoid single point failure risk

*  Generator-friendly interface

Unique Design for High Reliability:

Instead of discrete IGBT and SCR components, RM series UPS uses modular IGBT and SCR in Rectifier and Inverter, bringing in extremely high reliability.

*  All components in one module, less fault points, higher reliability

*  All components integrated as one modular design, smaller disparity

*  Less space needed, UPS with compact design and higher power design

*  Integrated inner thermal sensors display IGBT inner temperature directly

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