Intelligent Lock Access Control System

The security of IT cabinets in server rooms and data centers is becoming more important world-wide. A typical IT infrastructure supports the organization’s entire knowledge base, including personal customer and employee details, proprietary information, and financial statements – all prime targets for bad actors.

At Canovate, we have developed an integrated access control system. This new system enables you to efficiently monitor and control your IT environment. Sensors detect door access, security breaches, and other variables to give you immediate notification and greater control over your network, all at a great value. Cabinet doors can be opened by RFID cards, a key pad, or remote-control units. This solution manages who can open which cabinet doors – and when – and gives you a detailed report on each cabinet describing when it has been accessed and by whom. You also see whose access was denied.


Basic features

*  Provides access control and management to all your cabinet doors or normal doors as well.

*  Prevents unauthorized access denying the access.

*  Allows doors to be opened using a proximity card, keypad code or fingerprint reader

*  Automatically generates a visual alert through red & blue led indicators.

*  Records all the security information you need every time the door of a server cabinet is opened – by whom, where, when.

System Overview

*  The RFID or Keypad reader is embedded on the electronic lock.

*  The electronic lock can continue granting or denying access even if the communication between the lock and the controllers is down.

*  The electronic lock has internal memory saving all latest events and alerts.

*  Simply add modules (locks, readers or converters and controllers) as your networks grows.

*  A single Ethernet – Network connection provides access to up to 15 Racks and controls access to them.

*  Up to 100 Controllers can be linked together

*  Real time door status monitoring to the cabinet rack through door sensors.

*  Operating Voltage is 12VDC and the communication protocol is RS485 based making the expandability easier.

Technical Document

Technical Document | Catalog

Technical Spesification

Product Code Product Description
CAN-NBL-2100-J5K Electronic lock with embedded keypad (User Manual)
CAN-NBL-2100-J5A Electronic lock with embedded RFID Reader (User Manual)
CAN-NBL-200G Finger Print Reader (requires Electronic locks CAN-NBL-2100-J5L) (User Manual)
CAN-NBL-200H Finger Vein Reader (requires Electronic locks CAN-NBL-2100-J5L)
CAN-KSH-E-P232-X-5 RS485 to TCP/IP Converter & Controller
CAN-NBL-2100-J5L Electronic lock (requires an external reader) (User Manual)
CAN-NBL-KEYFOB Keyfob for the users (User Manual)
CAN-NBL-USB-CISS USB Keyfob/card issuer
CAN-NBL-SOFT Access Control Software

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