Inorax-14 Outdoor Cabinet

Canovate Inorax-14  Outdoor Cabinet offers maximum protection against vandalism and environmental conditions such as sunlight, humidity, dust etc. for your electronic equipment investment. The doors and panels of the outdoor cabinet is made of double layer aluminum and they can be produced from galvanized steel if requested. The frame of the outdoor enclosure is made from aluminium or galvanized steel. It has IP55 protection level and has 4 sections as 19’’ Active Equipment, MDF, Battery and Electricity Distribution sections. There are 4 doors at the outdoor cabinet, heat exchangers and AC units can be mounted on the doors.


Technical Details:

*  Material Frame: Aluminum/ Galvanized steel.

*  Doors and Panels: Double layer aluminum/ galvanized steel (total material thickness of double layer can be up to 4 mm)

*  Protection Level: IP55

*  Tests: ETS 300019 and IEC 68-2-57 (Earthquake, shock, vibration, transportation tests), EN 60529 and IEC5291 (IP 55 dust and waterproof tests), EN 60950 (Electrical and mechanical safety tests)

*  Finish: Antigraffiti & sun reflecting epoxy polyester outdoor paint, if required DIN 50939 chromating

*  Technical Specifications: 4 sections: 1x 19” System + MDF+ Battery, 5 doors Heat exchanger & AC units can be mounted on the front doors

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