FTC Smart Lock

Smart key is able to be programmed with access activation either through USB programming device, or GSM (Mobile) Devices through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

  • A single key can access multiple types of lock devices.
  • Over 170 lock designs available for different applications.
  • All access transaction events are logged and can be monitored using the KMS-PRO Software.



Management Key: This is a stylishly designed key that can be used to modify the lock code, set the lock number, upload blacklisted users or retrieve log events from the lock.

NFC Key: Keys with NFC features can be configured remotely using NFC-enabled mobile phones. After installing the software on your phone, you can assign the rights for keys as well as obtain the transaction records for the key and locks.

Handheld Device: The handheld device is used to transfer key information and access rights from the computer to the locks and other access readers. It is commonly used during the installation and system setup phase.

Industrial Grade Handheld Device: This device connects to the key wirelessly. It is equipped with GPS, GPRS, Bluetooth and a camera function. This rugged device is normally used outdoors to record door access, lock status, and environment data.

Card Reader: The desktop Access Reader has an NFC wireless communication feature. It can be connected to a computer to configure the key access rights, report lost keys, lock data, retrieve key access data, and more. It is connected to the PC via a USB port.

Door Access Controller: The Door Access Controller can be used to control electric locks with programmed key access rights. The system software is used to configure the controller. With its hotspot function, it can synchronize with the PC software and key data can be updated accordingly.

Tablet Mobile Station: Canovate’s Smart Key can be linked up with mobile phones and tablets through NFC signals for direct interaction of data. Software can be installed on the device for key data management, key authorization, access information collection, and more.

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