Environmental Monitoring System


Adequate conditions of your IT Data Center, which contains your data warehouse, is one of the basic requirements for the security of your information. More than monitoring only your data center, monitoring the whole IT building architecture of the system is very important.

For this reason, Canovate’s CAN-IP-SENS series provides an integrated architecture that monitors the whole building equipped with information processing rooms.

By separating both the internet and intranet network, the security is maximized to the highest level. Our system supports sensors and alarms in a wide spectrum, including temperature, humidity, pressure sensitivity, power analyzers, smoke detectors, and chemical sensors.


Available Sensors:

*  Combo Temperature & Humidity

*  Smoke

*  Vibration

*  Motion

*  Door Contact

*  Water

*  Dry Contact

*  Gas and Chemical

*  Air Pressure

*  Air Flow

*  Air Quality

*  Light Detection

Available Modules:

*  Expansion Module

*  GSM Module

*  UPS Module


User Management, Online Monitoring System, Rack Cabinet Management, Cooling System Management, Energy Management.

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