DX Based In-row Side Cooler Unit

For those telecom and data center systems and designs that function best with side cooling, Canovate has engineered an innovative selection of rack-mountable side coolers, including our DX-based (Direct Expansion) side coolers.

Applying direct expansion (DX) technologies to data center environments has enabled Canovate to develop an efficient system with a low total cost of ownership.

The modular design of our coolers allows you to pay for the cooling capacity you need now, and to grow that capacity proportionally with your business.

At the same time, we help you control operating expenses by developing practical, energy efficient systems.

Our DX-based side coolers achieve up to 28kW of cooling power, with no requirement for a raised-floor environment. This helps control initial costs by lowering the investment in infrastructure. Ongoing costs are also lowered – instead of cooling the air under a raised floor, or having to push air around and between the wires and cables that also inhabit the subfloor, the air in our system is targeted directly where it needs to be.


Our side coolers’ patented, space-saving design eases the process of both installation and maintenance. The coolers are both rack mountable and easily adjusted to fit most any rack – even those already in operation. We’ve designed the fans to be hot-swappable, allowing repair, replacement, and maintenance to happen without interrupting operations.

Another user-friendly feature of our innovative design combines the cooling system’s compressor and condenser into a single outdoor unit. Moving the condenser outside makes the unit both more efficient and technician friendly.

Our DX-based side cooler has an integrated monitoring system, measuring temperature, moisture, and the efficiency of the system’s fans. Administrators can be alerted to minor issues before they become big problems.

With more than 1,000 successful integrations of these systems worldwide, we at Canovate Electronics are proud of our innovate, efficient design.


*  DX based cooling

*  No raised floor required

*  28 kW cooling capacity

*  Efficient power consumption

*  Easily adjusted to fit different racks

*  Mountable to the side of the rack

*  Easily installed on racks already in operation

*  Patented space saving shape

*  Integrated monitoring system

*  Hot-swappable fans

*  300 mm width

*  More than 1000 installations worldwide

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

Cooling capacity 28 kW
Air inlet 38 °C
Number of fans 3 x
Type of fans Radial
Air flow 3.800 m³/h
Power consumption 980 Watt
Current 4.3 A
Power supply 230 Volt 50 Hz.
Noise level in 1 mtr. distance 62 dB(A)
Pipe connection (Liquid/Gas) 12.7/25.4 mm
Guaranted Operating Range
-15 °C / +46 °C
Noise level in 1 mtr. distance 62 dB(A)
Refrigerant R410A
Width 300 mm
Depth 1.000 mm
Height 2.000 mm
Weight 205 kg.
Color RAL 9005 / RAL 7035
Product Code Description (230VAC 50Hz/60Hz)
DC-SCWX-4230-E01EU1-R0 DX 28 kW 42U 300 x 1000 with refrigerant R410A
DC-SCWX-4232-E01EU1-R0 DX 28 kW 42U 300 x 1200 with refrigerant R410A
DC-SCWX-4730-E01EU1-R0 DX 28 kW 47U 300 x 1000 with refrigerant R410A
DC-SCWX-4732-E01EU1-R0 DX 28 kW 47U 300 x 1200 with refrigerant R410A

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