CAN-BREEZE Micro Data Center

The CAN-BREEZE in rack cooling system is a direct-cooled server cabinet consisting of an indoor lateral cooling device, and an AC outdoor unit. The cooling system provides energy-efficient cooling using the latest inverter technology. The cooling capacity and power consumption adapt to the actual costs incurred to maintain the load.

The Side Cooling Rack has a close loop system, leaving no air leaks between internal air and room air. It’s been engineered with a low, technician-friendly noise level, made by possible by the quiet internal side cooling unit. At about 49dB(A), it’s quieter than most office environments. The preparation and installation of the product is very simple.

The outdoor unit can be mounted to a facade wall, or placed on a flat roof or on the ground. The Side Cooling Rack’s cooling capacity is available in ranges between 3.2kW and 14 kW. The internal side cooling unit blows cold air into the front of the 19” mounted devices and collects the hot air from back. Blank (unused) units should be closed with 19” blanking panels in order to prevent a cold air short-circuit. The internal side cooling unit has a condensate water pan. Condensed water is collected in the pan, and drained away by drainage hose (customer supplied).


Standard Configuration:

*  Extruded Aluminum frame chassis up to 2000 kg

*  IP Protection: IP54

*  Tempered glass front door with swing handle multi-point lock

*  Solid rear door with swing handle multi-point lock

*  Special polyurethane gasketing on doors and panels to ensure IP protection

*  Deflectors to guide cold air from the AC unit to the front of the rack

*  Solid removable side panels

*  Bottom sheet with adjustable IP protected cable entry

*  2 pairs of depth adjustable heavy duty 19” mounting rails

*  2 pairs of adjustable feet

*  Color RAL7035 or RAL 9005

*  RoHS compliant, UL certified

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

Technical Features

Material Frame; Anodized aluminum extrusion profiles. Other parts : 1,2 and 2 mm steel
Color RAL 7035 or RAL 9005
Compliance RoHS, UL Certified
Maximum Static Load Up to 2000 kg.
Finish Doors, side panels, top and bottom covers: Electrostatic Powder Paint
19” mounting rails: Zinc-plated
Related Accessories Cable Organizer, Blanking Panels, Cable Channels

Order Information

Height U Outer Width (W) mm Outer Depth (D) mm Outer Height (H) mm (Including Cooling unit) 19” Rails Adjustable Depth Range (c) Weight kg Cooling Capacity Part No
36U 800 1000 1767 129-829 151,5 8kW CPJ-X-3680A-I8
36U 800 1200 1767 129-1029 165,5 8 kW CPJ-X-3682A-I8
42U 800 1000 2033 129-829 166,3 8 kW CPJ-X-4280A-I8
42U 800 1200 2033 129-1029 180,4 14 kW CPJ-X-4282A-I14
47U 800 1000 2255 129-829 181,7 8 kW CPJ-X-4780A-I8
47U 800 1200 2255 129-1029 196,3 14 kW CPJ-X-4782A-I14

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