Aspendos ODF System CAN-ODF-500

Optical Distribution Frame

It is an advanced optical distribution frame system which provides an ultimate solution for the complicated requirements of customers like highest possible fiber termination capacity and superior cable management.



*  Dimensions: H x W x D / 2200 mm x 900 mm x 330 mm (ETSI Standard)

*  Standard 19”& ETSI installations

*  The mounting frame is accessible from all the sides, front, rear, bottom and top

*  The ODF rack is expandable and modular, side to side and back to back assembly is possible

*  Designed to be used together with high density splice & patch modules

*  Special cable management sections on the left and right side with cable management mandrels and individual doors

*  Maximum fiber density and superior cable management

*  Suitable for ribbon fiber management

*  Special cable glands to fix the maximum number of bundle cables on the ground

*  No crushed or stressed fibers

*  Wide range of splice, patch and cable storage options

*  Bend radius protection 40 mm throughout entire frame

*  Max. cable protection

*  Accepts WDM and splitter cassettes

*  Integral patchcord management

*  Earthing bar and earthing through the entire frame via earthing kits.


Fiber Transmission in Telco’s Central Office Applications, FTTX applications, Fiber exchange systems, Utility Networks

Technical Document

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Technical Spesification

CAN-ODF-500’ün Teknik Detayları

Boyutlar 900 mm (G) x 330 mm (D) x 2200 mm (Y)
Malzeme hafif çelik
Renk Toz boya RAL7035
Ağırlık 120 kg / Boş
uyma GR-449-Temel Telcordia Spesifikasyonu


Adaptör Tipi Maks. Modül Başına Port Kapasitesi Maks. ODF Başına Liman Kapasitesi
SC Tek yönlü                 48              8×48=384
SC Dubleks                 96              8×96=768
LC Tek Yönlü                 72              8×72=576
LC Dubleks                 96              8×196=768
ST Tek yönlü                 96              8×196=768
ST Duplex                 96              8×196=768
FC Simplex                 96              8×196=768

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