Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MOBILE LIFE BOX)

Modular Intensive Care and Emergency Medical Response System

Due to natural disasters caused by climate change, earthquakes, epidemics and wars, billions of people around the world cannot access the most basic health services. As Canovate, we manufacture Modular Container Health Care Units by using our product range, our experience in the field of containers and precise air conditioning solutions and our resources we have, in order to provide the most economical access to the people in need in the problematic areas. Our Container Health Unit solutions can be turned into negative or positive pressure units if desired, and can be transformed into an operation room, intensive care unit, patient care room and isolation room with a single unit. All air conditioning, automation and technical infrastructure are suitable to work with these 4 different options.

  • Your requests are designed and manufactured in a short time by Canovate, and delivered to the domestic or nation al locations you want.
  • Our containers are prepared in accordance with all climatic conditions.
  • Our modular units can be covered with armor as an option.
  • Our container units have standard electrical and and mechanical infrastructure; special equipment and requirements are available as optional.
  • If it is needed, the capacity can be increased by adding modular units to the established system. Also the number of beds in each unit can be increased.
  • Our units can be easily moved wherever you need through their modular structure.
  • Our Container Health Unit solutions can be quickly transferred and installed into locations needed in emergencies. After the crisis situation is over, it can be easily disassembled and delivered to another place where it is needed and can be reinstalled.