Mini Mobile Disinfection Purifier

Innovation Technology Air Sterilization

  • Fully enclosed design, no ultraviolet radiation leakage.
  • Killing rate of virus and bacteria exceeds 99%, maximizing the avoidance of indoor transmission of respiratory infectious diseases

Air Purification

  • Advanced air filtering HEPA technology of Grade H13, the filtering level up to PM0.3, the purification rate of the fine particulate matter indoor up to 99.9%;
  • With activated carbon filter, it can effectively absorb formaldehyde, TVOC, benzene and other harmful substances in the air, and eliminate indoor smell.
Parameter  Model
Particulates CADR m³/h 329
Cumulative purification amount
of particulate matter
Cumulative purification
amount of formaldehyde
Bacteria killing rate % 99.9
Disinfection Method GERMAGIC + UV Photocatalyst
Purification Method Activated Carbon Filter + HEPA Filter
Voltage / Frequency / Power  220V/50Hz/68W
Size mm 365 * 205 * 545
Weight kg 06.Tem
Air Volume m³/h 450
Noise dB ≤66

HEPA Filter

Activated Carbon Filter