Disinfection Tunnel (CLEAR-GATE Pro)

Advantages of Disinfection Tunnel

Canovate disinfection tunnel system provides a fast and economical solution for human disinfection in your offices, factories, shopping malls, institutions and public areas with the fogging method that is activated automatically. When a person enters the tunnel, the fogging is automatically activated by the sensor detection. In disinfection with fogging method, since the disinfectant liquid coming from the nuzzles, turns into a cloud of fog, it reached microorganisms in all areas where the fog touches without making wetness on the person and neutralizes the present microorganisms.

  • This system is light in weight, easy to install and ergonomically designed.
  • The entire body surface is disinfected and maximum hygiene is achieved with the disinfection process at the entrances to the facilities and public environments.
  • It provides advances results in the fight against epidemics and in the prevention of epidemics.

What is the purpose of the Disinfection Tunnel?

  • It disinfects in a very short time at the points where people enter and pass,frequently.
  • It will be prevented the virus, that is infected to the clothes and hair,from transmitting to both carriers and those with whom it will interact

How Is It Working?

The system works by the ULV (Ultra Low Volume) technology, which is an aerosol mist with an extremely fine spray technique, using very little but equally effective disinfectant. The tunnel system that is produced in a ready form, is installed
very quickly.

  • Full coverage is created within the tunnel by spraying disinfectants from 12 points.
  • It is provided to reach disinfectant on all areas on a person by spraying under the droplet size.
  • It is sufficient for people to be in this disinfection area for 5 seconds to homogeneously cover with disinfectant solution.

Due to the ULV technique, it creates a moisture that dries immediately without wide and very wetness. In addition to that, it reduces the consumption amount of the disinfection solution and increases its effectiveness. For disinfectants used in a ratio of 1 to 100, in one pass, 1.6 ml of consumption is per person.

System Features

Through its disassembled and ergonomic design, it is delivered in multiple quantities in one shipment.

Tunnel is delivered as installed and ready calibrations.

  • The system consists of a tunnel, a control terminal and a disinfection tank.
  • The water tank at the system has a capacity of 100 lt.
  • It starts operating immediately by attaching the tank connection clip and providing energy supply.