Canovate Group Companies

Canovate Electronics

Canovate Electronics is a member of the Canovate Group, which has been in operation with different companies since 1979. Canovate Group is a global company in the field of Defense, Energy, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Fiberoptic (FTTX), Data Center, which is managed by dynamic, modern and innovative methods, with its own R&D investments and Canovate patented products.

Canovate Electronics provides IT and Telecom Infrastructure technology offerings that span from complete data centers, indoor/outdoor cabinets, data center green cooling technologies to fiber optic connectivity based FTTX and fiber optic transmission and access solutions. Canovate designs and manufactures a wide range of innovative standard and customized products, technologies and solutions. Canovate provides innovative, environmentally friendly, sustainable and end-to-end solutions that have been developed in accordance with international standards, contributing to the country’s economy.

Canovate, the leading telecommunication producer in Turkey with its modern production facilities located in an area of 30 thousand square meters, 300 employees, head offices in Turkey, USA and United Arab Emirates and with its distributors 15 in Turkey and 65 in the world, provides services to large corporate customers such as Telecom, Gsm, ISP, and also to small and medium-sized businesses with a very wide mass of products and is rapidly progressing towards becoming a world brand.

Canovate Real Estate Development

Canovate Real Estate Devolopment is a commercial real estate development and investment company of the Canovate Group. Canovate aims to expand its portfolio by investing heavily in real estate and real estate projects with its own equity, aiming to bring its investors the best with minimum risk.

Canovate Group has combined the experience gained from real estate development and construction activities in its 41 years of business life with a strategic desicion in the group. Established in this direction, Canovate Real Estate Devolopment develops and invests in retail, malls, city hotels, offices and residential areas. With a business principle focused on strategy development, Canovate Real Estate Development with the motto of ‘custom project for each land’ , realised over 450 thousand square meters construction by a strict process management. Apart from these projects, the company is specialized in locating and property development in Turkey. Canovate Real Estate Devolopment continues to work to ensure that land investment zones are appropriately assessed for development in line with evolving urbanization and transformation approaches.

Canovate Energy Systems

Canovate Energy Systems manufactures innovative devices for heating, cooling and renewable energy within the Canovate Group. This production contributes to country economy by ensuring energy independence and also protects the budget of customers.

With the principles of German technology, our company has successfully completed many R&D projects in order to make renewable energy more widespread. Canovate Energy Systems offer the most efficient, environmentally friendly, high-tech appliances for its customers in residential areas, shopping malls, offices and industrial plants.

Canovate High Technologies

Canovate High Technologies operates under Canovate Group with the aim of suppliying high technology products to Turkey.

Canovate, founded on the idea that our country needs high-tech products that certain countries in the world have reached and that these products should be brought to our country. With more than 40 years of experience and knowledge, corporate infrastructure and worldwide network, Canovate High Technologies has been involved in research and development in abroad to determine the needs and demands of our country. As a result of these researchs, Canovate High Technologies has contacted the manufacturers of the products which are important for our country and has agreed to acquire these products in Turkey.

Canovate High Technologies with the values of innovation, result-oriented, customer-oriented and quality, aims to develop projects that will open up the horizon of Turkey

Canovate High Technologies with a mission to provide high technology products to Turkey, is acting with the vision of being a leading technology company that will contribute to the high targets that Turkey wants to achieve.

Canovate Ballistic Systems

Canovate Ballistic Systems operates under Canovate Group with the aim of suppliying high technology products to Turkey.

Canovate Ballistic Systems combined with one of the world’s most renowned producers “ARMOUR SHIELD” company with international certification and have created the “CANOVATEARMOURSHIELD” brand by adding logos to the name.

Canovate and Armour Shield are now combined to deliver 40  years of technological know-how and experience.

Canovate’s best practices are applied to the manufacturing of Bulletproof Vests and Ballistic Protective Systems as well as a wide range of related products to meet various operational safetly requirements.

Each product and every system of products has been carefully designed and field proven to perform at the highest level of safety with full performance delivered at the lowest price point.

Canovate System Entegration

Canesis, which is founded in 2017 within the Canovate Group, continues its operations with its strong staff and solution partners with advanced level expertise. By combining different infrastructures and solutions that require different expertise, Canesis provides a harmonious, efficient and cost-effective operation of the systems as a systems entegrator.

As one of the youngest IT companies in Turkey, Canesis provides end-to-end solutions with its solution and technology partners to meet the business needs of customers with its value added services and system integrator identity aiming to create difference in the sector.

Canesis offers end-to-end solutions as a dynamic system integrator in a wide range from planning and development of information technology projects to architectural design, development, implementation, management, support and maintenance processes, and technology consultancy and outsourcing services.

Our goal is to develop a strong strategic partnership with technology vendors together with our best-in-class professionals and address the needs of customers in their digital transformation journey with the right business partners to create an effective ecosystem.