SC Single Mode, Simplex

SC Single Mode, Simplex
  • Highlights:

    Chilled water based cooling

    No raised floor needed

    30 kW cooling capacity

    Efficient power consumption

    Easy adaptation to different racks

    Mountable to the side of the rack

    Easy installation on the existing racks

    Patented space saving shape

    Integrated monitoring system

    Hot-swappable fans

    300 mm width

    No condensing water due to 14°C inlet water temperature

    More than 1000 installations worldwide

Fiber Optic Connector is an important component used in the fiber optic network. It is also the key part used in fiber optic patch cord and fiber optic pigtail. There are many kinds of fiber optic connectors. We supply one piece fiber optic connectors various types, including standard connectors and irregular types, epoxy types. We supply fiber optic types include: SC fiber optic connector,FC fiber optic connector,ST fiber optic connector,LC fiber optic connector,MU fiber optic connector,SC/APC fiber optic connector,FC/APC fiber optic connector,etc.both Single mode fiber optic connector and multimode fiber optic connector available.

Technical Details

Material type SC type FO connector SM Simplex, Blue
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