MTP & MPO Cassette Modules

MTP & MPO Cassette Modules
  • Highlights

    MTP & MPO standart compliant multifiber connector

    12 and 24 fiber versions

    LS&SC adaptor interface

    Module Material: Aluminum

    Modular design to be fit in 1U and 3U panels

    Factory terminated and tested

    High performance zirconia sleeve adaptors


Canovate MTP cassette modules provide secure and reliable transition between MTP and LC&SC standart connectors. Via these modules interconnection of MTP backbones with LC&SC patching can be done easily and fast without requirement of splicing operating on the field. It eliminates the need for splicing machines on the field and there is no need for skilled personnel for deployement. Modular system enables rapid deployement of high density installations and eliminates any risks during installation. The modules are coming as factory controlled and tested to provide the best optical performance and reliability.

Technical Details

Advantages Fast deployment-factory terminated modular system saves installation time and cost. Better optical performance and insertion loss with MTP connectors. High density in smaller footprint (96 connections in 1U and 336 connections in 3U). Reliability -100% factory tested and the best optical performance is guaranteed by Canovate.
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