Intelligent Rack

Technical Features

  • H x W x D: 42U x 800mm x 1000mm
  • Steel frame chassis according to 25mm DIN system
  • 1200 kg carrying capacity
  • Depth adjustable 19’’ mounting rails with U marking
  • Front and rear doors with internal frame and 80% perforation ratio
  • Electronic lock with keypad, integrated to EMMS System
  • Side panels, top and bottom sheets are bolted internally
  • Two-piece top sheet with adjustable cable entry
  • Three-piece bottom sheet with adjustable cable entry
  • Adjustable feet
  • Earthing kit and earthing bar
  • RAL 7035 powder coated


  • Four cable management panels with 5 cable guides
  • 1U 19’’ blank panels
  • Shielded cable channels for data and power cabling
  • 3 pcs of radial fans with 625 m³/h for cooling (N+1 redundancy)
  • Two temperature sensors at upper and lower part of the rack

Power Supply

  • 230V and 400V (three phase) power feed
  • Redundant power feed
  • Cable connections according to DIN VDE 0113

Intelligent Rack_02

Intelligent Rack_info


  • 4 kVA capacity by 30 minutes battery operation
  • 75% capacity of batteries after three years operation
  • 40 pcs 9 AH batteries
  • 8U height
  • Following parameters can be monitored through EMS:
    – Current load
    – Current capacity
    – Estimated remaining life of batteries


  • 1U 12 outlet 32A (three phase) PDU:
    – Voltage¤t measurement per individual outlet
  • LED display
  • RJ45 connectors for Ethernet
  • Vertical installation possibility
  • Designed for optional input voltage for 230 or 400V
  • Each socket can be switched on and off through EMS
  • Remote management through SNMP
  • Following plug types are available
    – C13, C19, Schuko

EMS (Rack Monitoring) System

  • 1U 19” metal chassis module
  • 12 different sensor inlets
  • RJ45 socket for Ethernet connection
  • Supports following protocols:
    – TC/IP 10/100MBps Ethernet
    – SNMPv2 and SNMPv3
    – IPv4 and IPv6
    – MIB II
    – Telnet
  • Remote firmware update is possible
  • Alerting through emails and syslog
  • Following parameters can be measured through EMS and sensors:
    – Temperature
    – Door Status (open or close)
    – Voltage per individual outlet of IP PDU
    – Current per individual outlet of IP PDU
    – Total fan speed
    – Total supply voltage of rack
    – Current load of UPS and estimated remaining life of the batteries

Power Distribution Panel

  • 230V and 400V (three phase) power feed
  • Redundant power feed
  • Cable connections according to DIN VDE 0113