Inorax-ST Server Cabinet

  • Standart Configuration:

    Perforated front and rear doors, Free Air Ratio (FAR): 65%

    Front & rear doors with swing handle Multi point-espagnolette

    Solid Side Panels with cylindrical locks and latches

    Internal top sheet with 3 cable entries for 800 width, 1 cable entry for 600 width racks and fan cut-outs

    2 Pairs of depth adjustable heavy duty 19″ Mounting Rails

    2 Pairs of Adjustable Feet

    Bottom sheet with 3 cable entres for 800 width, 1 cable entry for 600 width racks

A cost effective server rack cabinet system developed for independent use and Data Center environments. Inorax-ST server rack cabinet system is designed and engineered for demanding Data Center environments. It is designed to house all servers manufactured by major brands including HP, Dell, Sun, Cisco, Juniper, IBM, Compaq to name but a few. To achieve optimum versatility within the server rack, users can set muıltiple depths throughout the cabinet by adjustable 19″ mounting rails mounted on heavy duty side supports. Horizontally divided side panels provide ease of access and convenient post-installation maintenance. Optional %80 perforations on front and rear doors enable optimum airflow within the rack cabinet. Optional cable tray channel can be itted on top of the rack provides perfect cable routing and eliminating the need for raised floor systems. Flat-pack option enables savings up to 60% in the transport cost and warehouse space.

Technical Details

Material type Other parts: 1,2 and 2 mm steel
Color RAL 7035 or RAL 9005
Compliance RoHS, UL Certified
Packaging Assembled or Unassembled
Maximum static load Up to 1500 kg
Finishing Doors, side panels, top and bottom covers: Electrostatic Powder Paint 19″ mounting rails: Zinc-plated
Size TABLO-3 97
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