19” Rack Mountable UPS 3-10 kVA

• High-performance DSP, precision and fast data processing, high reliability.
• Super wide range of input frequency (40~70HZ)and self adaptive output frequency 50/60HZ to fit in with various motors.
• Zero switching time.
• Detection against reverse connection of null line and live wire.
• DC starting (cold boot) for easy operation.
• Auto reboot.
• Auto detection.
• Bypassing, emergency shutdown and other protection functions against overload, short circuit, over voltage, and under voltage.
• Intelligent battery management for long service life.
• RS232 interface, intelligent slot, USB and EPO communication interface for excellent network management and remote monitoring.

• EN 62040-1 (Safety),
• EN 62040-2 (EMC)
• CE Approved

19' Rack Mountable UPS 3-10 kVA_03 19' Rack Mountable UPS 3-10 kVA_05